Naturist Freedom – Summer Vacation

In this fun-filled offering from Naturist Freedom we start as we mean to go on, with a coach-load of naked young people heading off on a summer vacation.

Several minutes of shots within the coach follow, which for those who understand the language (Czech, I think) may be of value, but does little for those who are linguistically challenged.

But eventually they all pile out into a field where the bulk of the action is to take place.

One if the reasons Naturist Freedom have risen so fast in popularity among naturist-watchers is the high quality filming, both in terms of viewing quality and in direction. Generally great care is taken to ensure natural lighting in outdoor shoots is perfect, and indoor shoots are likewise well-lit to give optimum viewing.

Sadly Summer Vacation doesn’t meet these high standards. From the coach shots through to the ramble down a country lane to their destination the filming, while always good, does not confirm to the standards we expect from Naturist Freedom. As per these stills, a lot of filming takes place in the shadows of a leafy lane where the lighting is far from perfect.

Even when they finally get to their destination, where sunlight prevails, there is little acre taken about camera angles to take advantage of the natural light.

The documentary further spends an inordinate amount of time focussing on individuals’ conversations, which again are meaningless to those unfamiliar with the language and do little to give this project any feel of a story-line.

Thankfully it’s not all shadow and close up conversations.

Although at times you could be forgiven for thinking Naturist Freedom have a product placement deal with the British supermarket giant Tesco.

Cooking and eating seem to be the order of the day, and while she’s more than welcome to cook my sausage this documentary does become tedious in its lack of action.

Though by the end of the film one should be an expert in the ancient art of cooking saveloys on an open fire.

More sausages, anyone?

Or how about some more sausage shots, just in case anyone is in any doubt what’s on the menu.

But sometimes the director treats us to a shot of sausages, just for a change.

Don’t worry if you missed that one. There’s plenty more.

And so we come to the end, with a walk back through the leafy glades with the shadows, and the end credits roll.

Verdict: I have to say if this was my first experience of Naturist Freedom I would be very disappointed. By any stretch of the imagination a day-trip to a field to cook sausages while naked does not constitute a summer vacation, and all the fancy hi-tech recording equipment cannot make up for thoughtless direction and poor camera-work.

Sorry, guys, but it’s 5/10.

Fortunately most Naturist Freedom DVDs are well worth the money, and I’ll be reviewing some more NF titles very soon.

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